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Re: Why preference for mode J?

Tony Langdon wrote (in a response about Saudisat):

> I'm just curious, this is a general question for everyone.  How come Mode J
> seems to be preferred for newer satellites?  In this part of the world, Mode J
> presents a couple of operational difficulties that are not present with Mode B.
> One is caused by the typically (i.e. not suited to satellites) equipped FM
> station, the other is Asian QRM (non amateur) on 2 metres which can render
> satellites useless when they're over the north-western parts of Australia.

Hi Tony,
    A couple comments about the preference for mode J.  I understand the Asian QRM
problem.  We have the same problem around here with Tijuana Taxi on the UO-14
    What is the issue with the typically equipped FM station that would be any
different between mode V-U (or J) and U-V (or B).  I know receiving 435 MHz here in
the Los Angeles is much easier than 2M due to the much lower noise floor.  Also
remember that in some parts of the world, mode U-V is not available due to 435 MHz
not being authorized for amateurs.  Charlie - VR2XMT in Hong Kong has commented
about that before.

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