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RE:Any Info on the new Icom IC-910H?

Thanks for posting the URL.  I have been looking for a pic of that rig for a 
while.  The IC-746 discussion group had a report from the UK last March on 
the IC-910H, stating the expected specs were 100 W on 2 m, 75 w on 70 cm, AND 
25 W on 23 cm.  There has been no real news since then except for the 
official discontinuation of the IC-821H by Icom.  The Japanese site only says 
to "check back soon for a new satellite radio."  

Looking closely at the picture, it appears they have followed the dual-band 
AF/RF/SQL knobs of the predecessors and have also NOT put in a sub-band VFO 
knob like the FT-847 (too bad).  The rig does sport a "satellite" button, but 
I don't see any sign of DSP functions.  Also missing seem to be those little 
buttons on the IC-820/821H that turned on the 12 VDC power on the coax (so 
handy for powering your Drake 13 cm downconverter).  It also appears to be a 
mobile design, not a desk top design like it's predecessors; maybe 50% bigger 
than an FT-100 or IC-706.  However, one interesting thing is it looks like 
both VFO's are tuned to 23 cm, so dual-in-band receive looks like it is 
possible in this new design.

A big question is:  where/when is the IC-746Pro (with 70 cm)?  Followed by:  
where/when is the FT-847 Mark V (with better HF IF/filters, an SWR meter, 
VOX, and a CW memory keyer, and a fix to the CAT/tuner problem)  :-))??    

Jerry, K5OE

 > Hi all
 > i found a web link which shows a picture of a new Icom IC-910H.
 > The lable on the radio says VHF/UHF All Mode Tranciever.
 > Does anyone have any additional data on this radio?
 > thanks Miles  WF1F MAREX

 > http://www.tvs-online.net/page13.html

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