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Re: 847 Summary

on 7/20/00 5:06 PM, Jeff Davis at jeff@jehosophat.com wrote:

> -No expansion card slots

Don't really need them.  It would increase the size and you can use
transverters instead.

> -No VOX (why on earth would a manufacturer leave this out?)

VOX is evil.  

Yaesu doesn't include VOX on any of their lower end rigs.

Again, VOX is evil.

> -No DTMF

There is a DTMF mic you can buy.  But, they should have made the keypad on
the radio DTMF compatible.

> -No speech processor (Sat mode)

This I think was on purpose.  The reason is that with a mis-adjusted speech
processor, you can emit all sorts of spurious garbage.  In addition, your
signal would have a higher duty cycle to it.  Satellites don't function well
with spurious garbage and high duty cycles.  So to me, the concept of
running a speech processor on a satellite is rather silly and is against the
whole satellite concept in some ways.  If you can hear yourself on the bird,
turn down your power until you can still hear yourself, but not as well.  At
the very least you don't want to hear yourself stronger than you hear the
other station.  So if I am running 10 Watts to an SSB satellite, why on
earth would I want to use a speech processor????  Speech processors are only
useful if you are running your rig at full bore and want to squeeze out a
little more average power.  If you do that on a satellite then you ought to
be shot!  AO-10 when it is barely readable is an obvious exception.

> -Noisy cooling fan

This was true on the early models but the fan was changed.  I hear a lot of
people complain about it.  I have never had a problem with the fans on my
847 being noisy.

> -Poor tuning rate options

???  I think you can tune pretty quickly and flexibly.  The jog-shuttle ring
can tune you really, really fast or really slow.  I have no problems with
that at all.

I think that an FT-736 is still a great radio.  I wanted one for years but
didn't get it because I heard the RX on the 847 was better.  A buddy is a
VHF contester and he said that the 736's RX was not all that hot.  He'd
heard better things about the 847.

Also, sure, wait to see what Icom is going to have, but Kenwood's got a hot
new rig in development too for HF through 1296 (220 and 902 excluded).



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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