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From: Christopher Cox [mailto:cobox@urec.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 3:27 PM
To: Mark West; 'Margaret Leber (KB3DXS)'; amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
Cc: Mark West
Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] USB

> "Quick, cheap, correct: choose two.", I like that, so if Linux
> aps are free (cheap), where does that leave us?
> I'm trying to convey the fact that Windows is by far the most
> prevalent platform, the reasons why are irrelavent.

>I question this logic.

And I question yours.

>Why adopt square wheels because they are popular.

Square wheels are not popular because the market will not tolerate 
them. However, if they were to become popular I would adopt them in
the event that I could make money by doing so.

Thanks for leaving that one wide open, does 'pragmatic' come to mind

>The reason to choose Linux is because it CAN be a stable platform.

Did you prove something here?

>However their are those, Mandrake for example, that are compromising this
>as well. If it continues, I will move to free BSD or the like. I still use
>Unix on production machines.

Been there, done that, I am truly aware of all the options, but my mother
chooses not to rebuild the kernal on her PC when she needs to add a modem,
therefore she chooses to not run free BSD.

>It is a question of bang per buck, and at this moment, Microsoft Windows
>has a problem. The whole OS needs a re-write. 

Yeah, all men need to look beyond a woman's physical beauty, all women need
to look beyond a man's material wealth, and war is profane. What is your 

> Microsoft's Windows OS's instability is becoming intolerable.


>Christopher Cox

All in all not very convincing.
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