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Re: Help finding software

"Walls, Jim R" wrote:

> Samuel Barker asked:
> > I need some advice on logging software.  So far, everything
> > I've found that says it has satellite support is lacking in the
> > fields they provide for such contacts, so:
> No kidding.  I went through the same question process a couple months ago
> and got recommendations on LOTS of programs.  I downloaded a bunch of them and
> played with any that gave any indication of support for satellite
> operation.  I found that NONE of them came close to what I wanted a
> satellite specific logging program to do.  Most were designed for HF
> operation and it showed.  Even the few VHF/UHF programs had little or no
> support for satellite operation.

Don't know specifically what features you are looking for, but LOGic 5 is a
logging program that has lots of bells and whistles, including provision for
grid locator and a "via" field in which satellite and mode information can be
recorded.  It will also allow tracking of just about any type of award you can
dream up.  Info at http://www.hosenose.com/

I have no affiliation with this company, nor have I actually used the software
(it's on order, however).
Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)
 "Heaven goes by favour.  If it went by merit, you would
    stay out and your dog would go in." -- Mark Twain

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