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Re: Fw: Maritime Mobile


I had a multitude of problems attempting to do the same thing. I had
expected that operating on the high seas would present no problems. I went
on a cruise to Bermuda 2 weeks ago. I decided to ask the ARRL what I should
know about operating in Bermuda and on the high seas. They are a wealth of
information. It winds up that in order to work on the high seas you need to
find out what the registry of the ship you are on is. You must abide by that
nations laws. I unfortunetly was on a ship flagged in Liberia as many of the
cruise ships are. They are not a signitory of the a variety of treaties that
would allow me to only ask for the Masters permission and have a copy of my
FCC license and a copy of the treaty to operate. I could not get a recipical
license in time even though I wouldn't have wanted to because it cost $105.
I am sure I could have operated with just the masters permission but that
would definetly not have been legal. I heard many people talking on FRS
radios that I am sure didn't get permission either but I consider ham
operator at a higher standard. It should be noted that currently FRS radios
are not legal even in Canada though there is an act that is trying to make
them legal. Be very careful when operating in foreign countries with your
equipment. By the way I also was not able to use my radio in Bermuda either.
They currently only have recipocal licensing for General class licenses and
above. Another reason for me to upgrade. 8^)

Good luck,

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>The XYL and I are booked on a Caribbean cruise in late August.  I saw an
>article in 73 magazine about operating AO-27 from a cruise ship.  Anyone
>any experience or have any information?  How do you get permission from the
>cruise line?  Would like to operate AO-27, UO-14 and SO-35.
>Dennis C. Morris
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