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All portable UO-14 pass, Jul 9, 2000!

Hello All.

Just got off UO-14 after an excellent pass!  Fortunately, our lower population
density means that late at night, a ragchew is possible.  As it happens, that's
exactly what happened.  In all, 5 stations, all running handheld gear and
portable beams worked each other on UO-14.  It was a bit like a ragchew on a
local repeater, except everyone was further apart (Melbourne, Adelaide and

Polarisation was doing wierd things (rapid shifts on the 70cm downlink), and I
had some wierd hardware problems (suspect a loose connection in the antenna
system :( ), but it all worked well in the end. :)

Again, UO-14 in VK is dominated by portable stations, who often seem to get
better results out of this bird than any other class of station...

Tony VK3JED, QRP portable satellite op.

.. by money.
|Fidonet:  Tony Langdon 3:633/284.18
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