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Re: My First Two-way Satellite Contact!

Chris Williams - WB6HGW wrote:

> Today, Friday June 30, 2000 at 19:47 UTC with little fanfare I finaly worked
> my first two-way contact via satellite. It was via UO-14, one of the
> "simple" FM birds.

Congrats on the first contact.  Welcome to the birds...

> While it is supposed to be easy to work the FM sats, I have found by just
> monitoring several passes prior to "jumping-in" that there seems to be a
> wide array of operating styles in use on these birds and that there may be
> some conflict between those who just want a chance to work a station or two
> and those that seem to want to rag-chew during the entire pass. This would
> seem to make it more of a challenge to those of us that would like to make a
> quick exchange and stand by so others can do the same.

The FM satellites do require a little effort, not because of the technical
requirements, but due to the QRM level.  When there are only a couple people on
the bird, there is more rag-chewing, but on an evening pass that covers most of
the US, they get pretty busy, and the real quick in and out contacts are about
all you can do.  Monitoring several passes is a real good idea to get a better
idea what goes on.

> However, I was able to quickly inject my call and grid square a couple of
> times and get a quick response from a station and complete the contact with
> just a few short transmissions. I then stood by and listened while others
> then attempted exchanges.

Sounds like you did just fine.

> I would like to thank John, K6YK in CM-97 Stockton, CA. for replying to my
> call. He provided a quick and courtious response, including a useful
> operating tip advising me that I may be a little off frequency on the
> uplink. A quick tweak took care of that and we completed the exchange. I
> also want to thank the other stations that stood by while I completed the
> contact.

John is a real nice guy and is regularly on UO-14.

> My current station consists of an Yaesu FT-847 and a Comet CX-903 tri-band
> vertical gain antenna. I ran the power output on the 847 at the minimum
> setting and found it to provide plenty of signal for this bird. Now its time
> to start planning and building more suitable antennas.

If you want to run the linear satellites (FO-20, FO-29, and particularly AO-10)
you will want better antennas.  The better the antennas, the easier it will be
for you.

> Again, thanks for the first satellite contact (and the bandwidth on the bb).
> Looking forward to many more.

We will be looking forward to hearing you.  I'm fairly local to you (I'm in
Glendora), so if you need some assistance, feel free to give me a call.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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Home  626-914-4641
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