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More Ideas

Another nice feature of the audio restoration software is pitch shifting.

This is real neat for correcting for tapes recorded at the wrong speed, or
on a machine which runs slightly fast or slow. Get rid of the Donald duck
effects, ... sound familar?

If you setup on a station and a hit a noise print button, the dsp software
could make a frequency analysis of what sounds "correct", as that station
moves off frequency due to Doppler. The dsp software could apply pitch
shifting to bring the sound at the RX station back to the recorded normal.
Obviously at some point the TX station would move out of the passband, at
which time the RX freq would need changing. But this method could reduce
significantly the number of times you need to hit the dial, ... kind of auto
frequency control without retuning.

Combine the above with computer frequency control such as FDT, and we should
be able to get rock solid links and no  more Donald Duck!

I'm sure carrier removal and re-insertion could be done in dsp, that could
help out here as well.

Paul, VP9MU
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