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More digital analog audio ideas

Thinking about this some more there are some other neat things in this
restoration software that could be applied to satellite communications.

One nice feature is the noise removal filter, you take a noise print of the
offending sound e.g. tape hiss, air-conditioner, mains-hum, and the software
will completely remove it from the recording (or live source - this software
is all real-time). We could do the same with SSB background noise, we
wouldn't have to pull the weak stations outa the noise because there would
be no noise!

Also compression and expansion plug-ins. dbx style audio compression has
been used for years to send high quality audio over basic telephone lines,
e.g. between 2 radio studios. The hifi sound is compressed sent over the
narrow bandwidth line then expanded on receipt to full hifi glory.

Audio compressor and expanders are now readily available as plug-ins
(audio-X), we could do the same thing on satellite. So effectively with two
suitably equipped stations, we could get FM quality transmission over
regular SSB. Good audio, with no hiss.

Interesting and very feasible right now.

Paul, VP9MU
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