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Satellite Demo Audio Box


Many of you have given demonstrations of satellite communications at field 
day, and outside in general, away from your shack.  My first attempt to do 
this failed when I used a speaker for the audio instead of headphones 
because of feedback through the bird.  If I got the speaker far enough away 
from the microphone to not have feedback, I couldn't hear very well at all.

For field day, I bought about $2 worth of components: 4 mini female mono 
plugs, a mini mono to mini mono cord, and a small project box).

I simply wired the monoplugs in parallel inside the box.

Now I can use the cord to plug into the mini-mono speaker jack on my FT-847 
(or my Icom handheld) and to one of the plugs on the box.  I can use one of 
jacks for a mono headset, and another for a computer speaker.  I can listen 
with the headphones, and put the speaker far enough away to avoid feedback 
while allowing others to hear the pass.   The last jack can be used to 
record the pass with a tape recorder.

Same idea could be used with stereo plugs using the stereo headphone jack of 
the FT-847, a set of stereo computer speakers, stereo headphones, and a 
mini-disk recorder.

73s de WS8G (Rick)
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