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Re: FO-29

Russ Tillman wrote:

> The rule of thumb is to only run the enough power to hear your
> signal at the same strength as the sat's beacon. Unfortunately FO20's beacon
> died a few years ago.

Actually the FO-20 beacon is working.  It has no telemetry, but it is (like
AO-10's) an unmodulated carrier.  It has gone away completely several times (it
did most recently a couple months ago for several weeks), but as of a pass about
2 hours ago (as I type this), the unmodulated carrier was there just fine.

> During 0300 local passes, I have perfectly heard my signal FO 20 and FO-29
> using one watt into a 22 element 2m antenna uplink and 42 element 436
> downlink Yagi. (Un)fortunately no other folks were on the sat at that time
> of morning. Try it sometime as it is a good experiment/lesson.

I agree with this one completely.  FO-29 has a better receiver than FO-20, but
on a decent pass, either can be used with just a couple watts.  In fact, I often
find that on FO-29 it is necessary to keep the power below 2 watts to keep the
downlink no stronger than the beacon (with similar antennas to what Russ
described above).

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