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Re: FO-29

Hi Mike:

I refer to your below post on amsat-bb.  You should have enough horsepower
to work FO-20 & FO-29 via SSB phone.  However a key determinate in whether
you can successfully work the bird is how much power other users are running
through the satellite.  That is, if someone is sending 150W up a 22 element
Yagi, it will soak up FO 20 or 29's power budget leaving you and others high
and dry.  The rule of thumb is to only run the enough power to hear your
signal at the same strength as the sat's beacon. Unfortunately FO20's beacon
died a few years ago.

During 0300 local passes, I have perfectly heard my signal FO 20 and FO-29
using one watt into a 22 element 2m antenna uplink and 42 element 436
downlink Yagi. (Un)fortunately no other folks were on the sat at that time
of morning. Try it sometime as it is a good experiment/lesson.

Meanwhile, this situation it will be another story on Phase 3D if Leilia is
successfully employed as high power users will be notched out of the band if
they persist.

I hope this helps.

Good luck with the birds and 73,

Russ Tillman, K5NRK
Vicksburg, Mississippi

>What is the minimum station needed to work FO-20 or FO-29 in digital talker
>mode?  Should one expect any kind of results with 50 watt uplink into a
>vertiacally polarized 11 element beam?  And a 11 element 70cm beam with no
>preamp for the downlink?  Just curious if I am in the ballpark equipment
>wise and should keep working with what I have.
>Mike Kingery
>Dothan, AL
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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