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Newbie observation - pacsat message signatures


I've noticed that there are some *huge* signatures on messages posted to the
sats.  I'm all for telling people who you are and what you do.  But I saw
one that had to be over 20 lines.  It was more than the message.  Isn't that
kinda wasted bandwidth?  If there wasn't email or qrz.com, maybe I could see
it, but I'd think it would be better to place that stuff on a web page and
not *every* message.

Hmm, maybe an application for an energetic soul....A website that you can
update via email or some other form with you "sat sig".  That way if I want
to find out about you or what sats you work, I can just ping it with
something like finger and find out over the inet.

Anyway, just an observation and my .02.  It might be one of those autopilot
things.  You might have it configured and you don't even know it.... Check
it and spare a little bandwidth.  Please?

Thanks for the small soapbox, I'm sure I'll make 100 mistakes as well...
Feel free to ping me when I do, I've got to learn somehow. :-)


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