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Re: FT-847 question

On Wed. June 28 2000 Dave Barrows, W8IJ wrote:

>I understand that the FT-847 has a built-in keyer.  For those of us who use
straight keys and keyboards, is >there someway of defeating the  built-in

In a word, YES!

For we straight key fans, you may simply plug into the "keyer" jack your
beloved J-38 (or whatever) and have at it.

However, this word of CAUTION: You MUST use a three conductor
(tip/ring/sleeve) type plug. You need only connect to the TIP and SLEEVE
(ignore the RING).

DO NOT use a two conductor plug as this will make you very unhappy, not to
mention what it will due to the 847!!  ;)


73'   Chris  WB6HGW  DM04uc


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