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Re: SNAP-1 launch

Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>  Peter Guelzow writes:
> >
> >  A Cosmos 3M will launch the Russian military Nadezhda
> >  COSPAS-SARSAT navigation satellite, the Chinese Tsinghua-1
> >  microsatellite to demonstrate the potential for future daily imaging of
> >  disaster monitoring and mitigation and SNAP-1, Surrey's first
> >  nanosatellite capable of inspecting other spacecraft in orbit.
> As a matter of fact the Tsinghua was also built at Surrey and thats the
> bird that SNAP's going to be inspecting.

Yes, but SNAP-1 is an amateur radio spacecraft, Tsinghua is not
operating in the amateur radio bands.
SNAP-1 has S band only, 38k4 BPSK Downlink on 2430 MHz.

Chris Jackson is very busy at the moment, but he will give more
info when he is back from China.

Because of the very tight power budget of the little bird,
it will be manually commanded from Surrey to get the transmitter on/off
until software will automatically control the bird.

Only a few hours until launch now... Fingers crossed..

73s Peter

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