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Re: Digital is worthless

Ian Coots wrote:

> I've been trying to build a spark transmitter for years, but for the life
> of me I can't find a Model-T anywhere.
> 73 de Ian
> jim hertel <stanara@wac.com>@AMSAT.Org on 28/06/2000 01:36:13 PM

Jim a possible answer is, to go to your nearest airport with aircraft service
facilities.  Ask the nearest mechanic if he/she knows a local source of an
aircraft magneto.
Yepper, those things put out some terrific amount of "juice" AND you can switch
from left to right or to the off position. Basically (although others will flame
me for it :-), it's an improved Model-T spark gap xmitter.  May the Force be
with you!

73 de


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