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Re: Digital is worthless

John Hansen wrote:

> Yeah, you see that's the problem.  In a real emergency constructing a CW
> transmitter could be difficult.  The answer in these situations is clearly
> a spark gap transmitter.  You can easily build one from salvaged parts from
> your Model T.  The problem is we've abandoned tried and true modes like
> spark in favor of this new-fangled continuous wave (CW) technology.  Where
> anyone can homebrew a spark transmitter, it will require an engineering
> degree to design and build something as complex as a CW transmitter.   if
> CW becomes popular it will be the death of home constructed
> equipment.  Anyway, it is terrible that many hams no longer are interested
> in using the simplest and most reliable mode of communications.
> John, W2FS

Yeah and I agree.. It won't belong and they will be talking on them and then will
have that dang preacher from down yonder given us his gospel sermon on sunday
morning and haveing us mail in our money to him.... this world is just plan going
crazy ....
Jim Hertel,  n6kmr

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