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Re: KLM - 22C

Last Saturday I wrote asking some questions about the feed / phasing for
the KLM 22C antenna because I was having a VERY HIGH SWR.  Many people
answered various parts of my questions, and by Sunday afternoon I had it
working just fine.  The problem turned out to be an intermittent contact
on one side of the phasing relay.  Got out my trusty relay contact
burnishing tool and took a couple passes on each of the contacts and
it's working perfect.  Made a couple contacts on UO-14 Sunday evening
and called CQ throughout a FO-20 pass early Monday morning.  There was
no one else on the pass, but I was hearing and getting into the
satellite just fine.
Thanks for all the responses...

To give credit where it is due (and answer the question that several
people asked me):

John Brice wrote:

> Jim...In response to your query, I have had the tube with the SO -239
> apart and it is exactly as you suggest...a splitter. There is nothing
> inside except a soldered "Y", no transformer - nothing but the solder
> joint. The biggest problem encountered was breaking of the braid
> shielding near solder

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