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Future problems???

Dear Friends

I just checked ICP (Portuguese FCC) web site, looking for news.
Among the recent ones, there was a brief note about WRC2000,
finished 2nd June in Istambul, Turkey.

As usual, the first thing I look first is "how many bands 
they 'removed' from us this time".

And for my big surprise, on this ocasion, it looks like *we* 
are going to be the "sacrificed" ones.

I know all bands above 2m are assigned to us on a "secundary
basis", but so far I had the idea the amateur sat service was 
respected! Wrong! At least not anymore!

FYI, the new Radio Navigation System by Satellite (GALILEO)
is going to use:

Downlink - 1164-1215 MHz 
	   1260-1300 MHz  <----- 23cm 
	   5010-5030 MHz 

Uplink - 1300-1350 MHz 
         5000-5010 MHz

If you have a look at P3D band plan you will notice the problem...
Not to mention the all terrestrial (mostly data) links!!! 

Now my question is: are we still on time to do something???
Or do we have to resign...

Please give your best for fight this new "threat"!

Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT
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