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Worked a station on FO-29 on 26 June, at 1652 UTC.  Wrote down the call as
W0OQT but it does not show in any of the call books or the FCC site.  If the
gentleman that I worked is on here please reply to me directly.

Or, I heard him calling W0SAT or K0SAT (can't remember which one of you it
was, sorry).  If you know who I am trying reach please let me know the
correct call.

What is the minimum station needed to work FO-20 or FO-29 in digital talker
mode?  Should one expect any kind of results with 50 watt uplink into a
vertiacally polarized 11 element beam?  And a 11 element 70cm beam with no
preamp for the downlink?  Just curious if I am in the ballpark equipment
wise and should keep working with what I have.

Mike Kingery
Dothan, AL

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