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Re: Stop Your Whining Already! Re: Satellite FIeldDay!

on 6/26/00 7:47 PM, Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL at vlfiscus@mcn.net wrote:

> If you really want to make satellite contacts, then you need to set up
> an Oscar station.

Hear! Hear!

I agree.  Trying to do ANY kind of contesting using FM is a horrible
problem.  I know as I do sometimes use in VHF contests.  Terrestrially, the
capture effect is a problem just with local stations!  Then add the fact
that the "repeater" is now several hundred miles up and you have 100s of
stations attempting to be captured by the bird.

To say that it's unfair is kinda like claiming that a commercial broadcast
station was unfair because you couldn't get through to your local radio
station on the telephone when they were giving away $1000 and all you got
was a busy signal.  It's the same thing with FM and contests:  LUCK of the
draw to get in more than it is any skill.

With SSB transponders, you don't have that problem.

TOO MANY people think that FM birds is the end all and be all of satellites
and they never dare to venture further.  After all, it's "easy" to use them.
I don't need fancy equipment.  All I need is an HT and a portable antenna.
Just because you have "simple" equipment doesn't mean you have the RIGHT
equipment to really do the job.  After all, field day is intended to
demonstrate emergency communications capability.  The right equipment has to
be used.  You wouldn't try to pass traffic to stations in California while
you're in New York with a 5 Watt 2 meter HT now would you?  So why do you
think that an FM satellite will allow the best and most effective form of
space communication.



ps: If all I knew of satellites was UO-14, AO-27 and SO-35, I'd be BORED and
disillusioned with satellites REAL quick!

Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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