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Another FD story

One more dissertation on FD & satellites.

 Our club NODXA (Northern Ohio DX Association)
consists mostly of HF DX operators, normal operator
turn out averages about 10 people. This year was a
surprise with about 25 brave soles attending. 

 I normally set up our VHF station and make provisions
for some sort of satellite activity. This year I
brought along my FT-847 and in true FD form, kludged
together a satellite antenna system. The back half of
an old Cushcraft 2 meter beam (3 elements.), and the
back half of an old RIW 432 yagi (7 elements). Mounted
these on a 4 foot piece of fiberglass channel and
mounted that to my camera tripod. While setting up we
had a low (11 degree) western pass of UO-14. In the
excitement of actually hearing our downlink I made a
contact and gave our 2A Ohio report. Too bad it was 30
minutes before FD started.

 After the official start we really did not have any
good passes on the FM birds that we could get into
(QRM)....but, AO-10 was loud and clear with only a
small contingent of FD stations. With ease we made our
first contact for the 100 points and answered a half
dozen other stations that were calling CQ. Our
onlookers were impressed and I guess we scored some
points with the diehard HF operators.

 Among the onlookers was a bright new ham, 15 years
old with lots of interest. After the satellite
operation we settled in to operating on six meters and
our new ham was introduced to an all day E skip

 He may be hooked. I can say if nothing else counted
for the effort, his comments and the look on his face
made the day.

 To those who worked W8DXA, thanks for your
contribution to at least one new hams first field day
experience. I'm sure he will be around for many more.

Denny  WB8K

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