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Stop Your Whining Already! Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

    If you really want to make satellite contacts, then you need to set up
an Oscar station. It's as simple that. So stop Whining that you couldn't
make any contacts.
  All things being equal, on the Easy-sats the station with the lowest
slant range wins. A station with a slant of 1000 km has considerable
advantage over a station with a slant of 3500km. When 25 to 50 stations are
attempting to capture a transponder during a contest, chances are good that
you *Won't* win, unless the satellite is pretty much overhead. Even the
"power stations" lose out to lower powered stations.  A proper oscar
station for field-day opens the door to alot more satellites too. FO-20 and
FO-29 were hot this year and AO-10 was hot when it was working.
   Here's my advice for anyone really wanting to work satellites. Get
yourself a copy of the "Satellite Experimenters Handbook", and Join AMSAT
so you can browse through a few AMSAT Journals to see examples of what a
proper Oscar Station can look like, then ask questions about anything
you're unsure of here on the BB. If you do this, the rest of us won't have
to listen to any whining next year, and you'll be happy too.


Someone on AMSAT-BB who didn't want to work any satellites wrote:

>We also ATTEMPTED satellite ops on field day.  We were unable to operate 
>the digital modes due to lack of equipment (this will change next year). We 
>found that the satellite (AO-27) was monopolized from AOS to LOS by a small 
>handful of stations.  The people that operated these stations did so 
>without regard to the FCC rules (use minimum power to communicate) and 
>without regard to their fellow amateur radio operators.  The first contact 
>got the field day team 100 points each additional contact denied a field 
>day team that same bonus.  We attempted the contact with a pair of 
>handhelds and an Arrow antenna.  The antenna performed flawlessly.  Without 
>a KW (and I am not sure that his would be enough) the satellite was 
>unobtainable due to the methods that some operators insisted on using.  It 
>definitely made our emergency communications demonstration a wash out and 
>was a definite discouragement to the potential satellite operators here.  I 
>can only hope that this was worthwhile to the operators that insisted on 
>this method of satellite operation.  The term LID comes to mind.

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