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Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

On Mon, 26 Jun 2000, William Owens wrote:

> > > Sad to say, but he's right.  When you have 100's of stations competing
> > > for one FM channel, the guy with the best combination of  power,
> > > antenna gain, and good aim wins.
> >
> > And, this is a surprise to people?
> but the stations that were making 15 - 20 contacts on each pass was...

But actually, they may have been an advantage by giving the peanut
whistles a target to call, and a known solid reply...

I'm not taking sides, but I find it pointless to argue over the
usage of the FM satelites during FD, because what you get is exactly what
you expect to get.  Its like complaining about DX operators in a pile up.
Forget it.  Thats the way it works... <grin>

If you want to enjoy the FM sats, then try it on a weekday.  Its still
hectic, but it works...

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