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Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

    About a week and a half ago. I wrote to this list asking for help about
making a satellite contact on field day. I had been tasked with the
satellite contact by the local club here. I had never done any satellite
work or even seen any done. I appealed to the list for help and advice. I
received many replies with the much needed help. From the group I selected
5 of the most likely satellites that I might reach with the equipment
available. I downloaded winorb and got somewhat familiar with it. I didn't
have time to make any contacts or even listed prior to FD. So Saturday was
my first attempt. The first few passes of the selected birds I had heard
nothing. Finally with the first pass of uo-14  I heard it. I was amazed at
how difficult it was to keep the bird tuned in. We didn't get a contact. We
didn't hear any more birds till the next pass of uo-14. Again we heard it
but didn't get in. Finally late Saturday on the west coast pass we decided
to make it a team effort. One person tuning the receiver and directing the
antenna and one person transmitting. We heard the bird and we were able to
keep it tuned a little better. Finally success, we heard ourselves on the
downlink and finally got a reply and a complete exchange. Then the bird was
gone. We all yelled and cheered and generally annoyed the other stations. We
didn't make any other contacts. The next pass of uo-14 the next morning was
very crowded. We didn't hear any of the other birds we were tracking except
for a very brief flash on the last pass of ao-27.
I want to thank all the people who replied to me with advice and help. It
made for a very successful field day for me. It appears the field day is
unusual in field day. Thank God. I;I've never worked harder for a contact.
Looking forward to trying it on a normal day. Thanks all.

P.S. The birds we selected were ao-27, fo-20, fo-29, uo-14. I was using
winorb to track them. The equipment we used were a Kenwood ts-811 70 cm all
mode and an ic-706. All cranked down to 5 watts as the club was running qrp.
 We were using a 2meter/440 combination beam on a rotator for azimuth only.
It was always pointed at the horizon.

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