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Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

> > a friend said he saw in cq magazine that they were 
> > recommending that for 
> > operating the satellite on fd you need 100 watts. i think 
> > that is part of the 
> > problem. people making statements like this and then those 
> > competing for 
> Perhaps somebody better educate the editors and contributors of CQ.
> Afterall, all of us here know we can drop the zeros off the end of that
> "100", and then some, and still hve a good QSO.  

Check out the June 2000 issue of QST.  In the Amateur Satellites
department, QST Managing Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY writes 
about "The Field Day Satellite Bonus".  For the FM birds he writes:

"Use the right gear.  A dual-band H-T and a J-Pole antenna may be
adequate for normal FM satellite operating, but they won't cut the
mustard on Field Day.  You'll need a beam antenna such as the
Arrow II reviewed in "Short Takes" in this issue.  If you have
electric power available, consider using a dual-band mobile rig
with higher output (25-50 W), or add an outboard "brick" amp to
boost your H-T."

Sad to say, but he's right.  When you have 100's of stations competing
for one FM channel, the guy with the best combination of  power,
antenna gain, and good aim wins.

-Mac, KB8YHV
Alamogordo, NM

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