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Re: KLM 2M-22C antenna

Yesterday I wrote (in part):

> Hi all,
>     About 8 months ago I bought used a KLM 2M-22C (22 element CP 2M
> antenna) and the matching 430 antenna for satellite operation.  They
> have for the most part worked quite well.  I have however been plagued
> with intermittent high SWR problems (and poor performance) from the 2M
> antenna.

> Since the antenna halves are OK (I think), the only
> thing left is the thingie that has the SO-239 on one end and 2 pieces of
> RGU-303 coming out the other.  I assume that is a splitter and / or
> impedence transformer.  Since KLM is out of business, it's a little hard
> to ask them.  Since I don't know exactly what's in that little pipe, I
> can't tell for sure what it's supposed act like when tested.  Does
> anyone know really what's in there and what results I should get when
> testing it?

I got a bunch of responses to this question - some direct, and some via the
AMSAT-BB.  The net result of the answers was that I now know what's inside the
"thingie that has the SO-239 on one end and 2 pieces of RGU-303 coming out the
other", and was able to test things better.  The result was that I now have a
nice low SWR again on my 2M antenna and in just under a hour and a half when
UO-14 makes it's next pass we'll see if it's working right!  Later tonight
FO-29 (if it's in analog) and FO-20 - if I'm awake.

Thanks to all of you who answered.  Sorry I missed out on FD, I had planned on
being on AO-10, FO-20 and FO-29 (if in analog) - I was not even planning on
turning on the FM bird passes (and from some of the notes on the subject, it
looks like that was good planning).

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-9999

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