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Re: [aprssig] Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

    Amen...we had the same luck (not much luck) from Albuquerque, New Mexico
where Chris N2YQP, Jerry KK5YY, Mike KD5MDS and myself (N5ZGT) were all
attempting to get into UO-14 and AO-27 with our Arrows and dual-band HTs.
An any other given day we can have great QSOs on the birds with only 1/4
watt, but not this weekend. But we had pitifully poor performance this
weekend.  Didn't even try APRS on SO-35 either.

    This was caused, as mentioned below, by the "gotta get all those points
no matter how I can" contesters running mobile/base stations calling "CQ
Field Day" 10 times before listening, and also by some of the inexperienced
satellite ops.  Both of these are easily preventable.

    How? Easy!

    Don't use your mobiles/base stations to work an easy satellite like
AO-27 or UO-14 (I'm not just addressing Field Day...I'm talking about any
other given day, too!).  You don't need the excessive power. Like I said,
even a 1/4 does wonders on the birds.  The same as your 50 watt mobile. So
please save the other useless 49 and 3/4 watts.  :-)

    Don't hog the satellite with long QSOs.  Others are waiting to have a
shot at it, and by the time some people are finished ragchewing like this is
a permanent local repeater, the satellite is out of range for other hams.
Remember, the bird has a big footprint, and a huge audience -- but only one
frequency. Please be considerate.

    Teach the inexperienced to be experienced! Take a new satellite op under
your wing and elmer them rather than complaining about him/her or dismissing
them on the air.  If they are led by example, these problems will go away
with the buffalo. And if they are treated warmly, they will be happy to be a
part of the Amateur satellite community.

    I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here with this message, but this if
for the few who may be guilty as charged.  Please accept this constructive

    Flame suit on.  In private please.  Otherwise, what a great weekend
everybody.  Let's do it again next year!  See everyone on the birds and

Brian, N5ZGT
Albuquerque, New Mexico

> We also ATTEMPTED satellite ops on field day.  We were unable to operate
> the digital modes due to lack of equipment (this will change next year).
> found that the satellite (AO-27) was monopolized from AOS to LOS by a
> handful of stations.  The people that operated these stations did so
> without regard to the FCC rules (use minimum power to communicate) and
> without regard to their fellow amateur radio operators.  The first contact
> got the field day team 100 points each additional contact denied a field
> day team that same bonus.  We attempted the contact with a pair of
> handhelds and an Arrow antenna.  The antenna performed flawlessly.
> a KW (and I am not sure that his would be enough) the satellite was
> unobtainable due to the methods that some operators insisted on using.  It
> definitely made our emergency communications demonstration a wash out and
> was a definite discouragement to the potential satellite operators here.
> can only hope that this was worthwhile to the operators that insisted on
> this method of satellite operation.  The term LID comes to mind.
> 73
> Glenn

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