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Re: [aprssig] Re: Satellite FIeld Day!

We too, in Albuquerque, had three operators with our HTs and Arrow antennas.
I was only running my usual 2 watts and a lot of persistence. I was able to
make  a couple of contacts mainly toward the end of the passes as many of
the big guns dropped out of the footprint or took a gasp for air, and during
the more civilized west coast passes.
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> At 07:38 PM 6/25/00 -0400, Bob Bruninga wrote:
> >What a difference a day makes!
> >
> >Three days a week for the last month, I have been taking students out
> >doors to demonstrate AO27 and UO14.  We have about 6 handhelds ($88
> >ALinco's with chicken wire reflectors and 3 Kenwood D7's).  Its mostly a
> >receive only demo, but every single time I have keyed up my D7, HT, I
> >always make one contact, before continuing on with the students...
> >
> >FIeld Day I took along the same 6 handhelds so that many people at our FD
> >site could see how easy it is to hear the donwlink.  I knew it would be
> >busy, but was amazed that even my 50 watts into an arrow not once did I
> >hear even a sylable of my uplink....
> We also ATTEMPTED satellite ops on field day.  We were unable to operate
> the digital modes due to lack of equipment (this will change next year).
> found that the satellite (AO-27) was monopolized from AOS to LOS by a
> handful of stations.  The people that operated these stations did so
> without regard to the FCC rules (use minimum power to communicate) and
> without regard to their fellow amateur radio operators.  The first contact
> got the field day team 100 points each additional contact denied a field
> day team that same bonus.  We attempted the contact with a pair of
> handhelds and an Arrow antenna.  The antenna performed flawlessly.
> a KW (and I am not sure that his would be enough) the satellite was
> unobtainable due to the methods that some operators insisted on using.  It
> definitely made our emergency communications demonstration a wash out and
> was a definite discouragement to the potential satellite operators here.
> can only hope that this was worthwhile to the operators that insisted on
> this method of satellite operation.  The term LID comes to mind.
> 73
> Glenn
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