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P3D uplink power requirements

I created a link budget for the P3D uplinks at 1.2GHz and 2.4GHz, with the 
idea in mind of determining how much power I would need on these bands to 
operate good clean SSB.

I conclude that I'll need a bit more power than some people have been 
saying.  At 1.2GHz, for example, 12 Watts with a DEM 20dBi long Yagi, or 35 
Watts with a DEM 12dBiC helix.

If you'd like to see the spreadsheet, you can get a copy from


Comments welcome.  Quite a few parameters go into this, and I don't claim 
to have the last word on any of them.  I also occasionally make 
mistakes.  If you have better numbers for any of the parameters, or find 
errors in the calculation, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Note that I've only done the uplink half of the budget.  Downlink is 
harder, because one must make an assumption about how much tranponder 
output power is allocated to a user, and there are policy issues etc 
associated with that assumption.  Maybe I'll make a guess and try that too.

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