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Re: Oscar 0

Hello Mike.

24 Jun 00 14:51, you wrote to All:

 MW> A mission to Mars or the Moon sounds great but let's not go and put
 MW> all our "eggs" in one basket again like we did on P3D. How about
 MW> serving the "masses" first with a few "easy-sats" and maybe a few
 MW> Oscar 10/13 type satellites.
 MW> Every one has said that we need more hams, well if we keep putting our
 MW> time, energy and money in "Super do everything new on one bird" we
 MW> forget about the little guy. He will never go beyond buying a HT and
 MW> Arrow antenna. If we had more of Mode B and Mode J sats like Oscar
 MW> 10/13 maybe more hams could afford to buy/build ssb rigs.

I think we need all kinds of satellites, LEOs, FM, linear and digital,
something for everyone.

 MW> While I'm on the soap-box, why don't we have a few sat's ( easy-sats,
 MW> Oscar 10/13 or all digital) built sitting in storage just waiting.

A mixture would be best.  I've only just started setting up for digital myself,
mainly for APRS.  For straight out operating, I much prefer voice, whether that
be FM or SSB (or perhaps digital voice one day in the future).

 MW> Just this year, how many rockets sent dummy loads into space? We as
 MW> AMSAT members should be ashamed of ourselves for not having SOMETHING
 MW> ready to go.....

It would be good if we could provide some of the "dummy loads" and use those
test shots to put up something useful.


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