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Re: IC-821 tech help

Anthony, Michael,

Nova does support doppler in a round about way if you're prepared to write a
DDE interface between NOVA and your radio. As my programming is a tad rusty,
so for me it's not a particularly simple job, but certainly possible given a
bit of time and patience.

One of those jobs I've been meaning to do for a while for my FT-847...

It gives Satellite name, generates Az/El coordinates as well as a Range Rate
which can be used with the aforementioned DDE interface to calculate
doppler. Means you can't operate the standard rotator interfaces at the same
time though (unless you run two instances of the same program, but then
you'd have to reset the rotator interface each time you start, or have two
different computers running NOVA, or write your own rotator interface).

Now I must get down to writing that software... Don't hold your breath.

Of course I'd be interested if someone already wrote the code!

73, Howard G6LVB

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> NOVA does not tune for Doppler.  There was some rumor
> of a "NOVA TUNE" program to go with NOVA.  Can you
> spell  "VAPOR-WARE" ???
> Don't know about the others.
> Mike.
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> > Hi Guys,
> >
> >
> > Here is what I want to know:
> > 1. Does it work ok?
> > 2. Are there any strange quirks?
> > 3. Does your software support "One true rule tuning?"
> >    (i.e. you tune the receiver with the Main tuning knob not
> >    a mouse or keypad and the software reads the VFO from the radio?
> > 4. Does the software use the FULL DUPLEX mode?
> > 5. Does the software need to know when you push the PTT button?
> >    I read the ICOM RadioDRV documentation and it seems to indicate
> >    that if the software updates the TX freq while you are not
> > transmitting
> >    it confuses the radio.
> > 6. Does selecting FM mode for the MAIN band under SW control cause the
> >    radio to turn on FULL DUPLEX- mode?
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