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RE: IC-821 tech help

NOVA does not tune for Doppler.  There was some rumor
of a "NOVA TUNE" program to go with NOVA.  Can you
spell  "VAPOR-WARE" ???

Don't know about the others.


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> Hi Guys,
> Here is what I want to know:
> 1. Does it work ok?
> 2. Are there any strange quirks? 
> 3. Does your software support "One true rule tuning?"
>    (i.e. you tune the receiver with the Main tuning knob not
>    a mouse or keypad and the software reads the VFO from the radio?
> 4. Does the software use the FULL DUPLEX mode?
> 5. Does the software need to know when you push the PTT button?
>    I read the ICOM RadioDRV documentation and it seems to indicate 
>    that if the software updates the TX freq while you are not 
> transmitting
>    it confuses the radio.
> 6. Does selecting FM mode for the MAIN band under SW control cause the
>    radio to turn on FULL DUPLEX- mode?
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