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SUNSAT log 24 juni 19:41 UTC the Netherlands

received jo21sk sunsat 19:41 and 21:15 UTC

rig ft-470 and baycom-modem 

73` Christ de PE5YES

R00:36 21:41 G6ODT/SUNSAT*>URQYWU>UI,R,F0:
'v@Xl #/]Karl g6odt@btinternet.com
R00:35 21:42 G6ODT/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,R,F0:
:G7JGQ    :Can U C Me ?>>{A
R00:35 21:42 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:36 23:15 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:35 23:17 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:36 23:19 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:35 23:19 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:34 23:19 CT2HAO/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,C,F0:
=3847.11N/00918.59W-ct2hao@clix.pt,pse qsl {UIV21}
R00:34 23:20 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>U2PWUS>UI,R,F0:
'v)-l -/]
R00:35 23:21 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,R,F0:
:BLN1     :CQ G7JGQ IO92VD
R00:35 23:22 CT2HAO/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,C,F0:
:G7JGQ    :hello 73s{0
R00:34 23:22 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,R,F0:
:G1YFF    :Hi Jake>{9
R00:35 23:22 G7JGQ/SUNSAT*>APRS>UI,R,F0:
:G6ODT    :hi{A

    Christ van der Weide            ooyes@witg.iaehv.nl
    Eindhoven                       GSM only subject max 110 char. 
    the Netherlands                 christ.gsm@gin.nl
    AO-10 AO-27 UO-14 SO-35         packet pe5yes@pi8zaa.#nbo.nld.eu
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