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Oscar 0

A mission to Mars or the Moon sounds great but let's not go and put all our
"eggs" in one basket again like we did on P3D. How about serving the "masses"
first with a few "easy-sats" and maybe a few Oscar 10/13 type satellites.

Every one has said that we need more hams, well if we keep putting our time,
energy and money in "Super do everything new on one bird" we forget about the
little guy. He will never go beyond buying a HT and Arrow antenna. If we had
more of Mode B and Mode J sats like Oscar 10/13 maybe more hams could afford
to buy/build ssb rigs.

While I'm on the soap-box, why don't we have a few sat's ( easy-sats, Oscar
10/13 or all digital) built sitting in storage just waiting. Just this year,
how many rockets sent dummy loads into space? We as AMSAT members should be
ashamed of ourselves for not having SOMETHING ready to go.....

de  Mike     WL7BQM

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