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Re: 38k4 questions

At 03:51 PM 2000-06-24 -0400, CDixon6901@aol.com wrote:
Hi Pat

I was downloading last night Pat, not checked today yet, but as I live within
the Command Station footprint I expect she will be working again today as


In a message dated 24/06/00 19:00:04 Greenwich Standard Time,
patricio@cyberg8t.com writes:

 > When was the last time you could access UO-36?

Living within the command station footprint and catching the downlink while 
the command station is active is a "special case" and doesn't mean that the 
rest of us will be able to activate UO-36. I have not been able to activate 
it since 6/16 from my QTH in the states.  Chris Jackson indicated yesterday 
that this is due to high duration eclipses and poor power balance.  The 
WISP (non-command) activation of the downlink will not work unless the 
battery voltage is above a cutoff level.

It's really a shame that this wonderful satellite has such a bad orbit........

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