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Re: AO-27 In Europe (fwd)

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 Lee810@aol.com wrote:

 > fine service.  But I am a little confused by the following parts of the 
 > message:
 > > Just anote to let you know that AO-27 is doing sterling service in Europe.
 > >  We get one pass late morning our time and another about 9 - 10pm.
 > Does the AO27 TEPR algorithm allow for night operation in Europe?  I thought 
 > that the bird was sun synchronous and only turned on while descending from 
 > the North pole.

Correct.  However, depending on the TEPR settings, it's possible for
stations in higher lattitudes to catch the end of some night passes as the
satellite crosses into sunlight and turns on for the daytime users.

 > A 2 meter ground plane sounds fine for the uplink but can anyone use a fixed 
 > 70 cm vertical for the AO27 downlink?  I never heard a thing on AO27 unless I 
 > was able to rotate the antenna to match the downlink polarity.

I had some early successes with a vertical dipole with preamp at the
antenna and 9913 to the radio.  It was always a marginal setup, however.
Tracking and polarity shifting help.

73 Steve  KA1LM

Stephan A. Greene                            sgreene@patriot.net
Amateur  KA1LM@amsat.org  Grid FM18hx        38 59'83.33"N 77 23'6.15"W

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