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Re: 38k4 questions

Hi Mark,

You ask about if any one as had the mod done to the TS-790, well, my radio 
was the prototype of the TS-790 modification, so all the instructions come 
from the work that Ulf and is team did on my radio whilst I was in hospital 
fighting a rare cancer.

The radio once the IFD board is fitted is exactly the same except it as one 
further pit out for the wide band receive upto 76,800 baud. The 9600 baud 
port works the same and Ulf's new modification for the TX helps produce a 
much clearer signal out.

The 1200 baud works great as does SSB and all other mods including out of 
amateur band mods too

Does everything come with the IFD board, you can check that out by looking at 
the SYMEK web site on http://www.symek.com/ the mod for the TX modification 
is published there too.

Hope that helps Mark, if you have any other questions, please be my guest and 
ask away. The IFD board works great in the TS-790 transceiver, I have 
downloaded upto 2.2 MB in a single pass, average pass gets me about 1.6 MB on 
a good orbit, occasionally we have a weak one but the images off the 
satellite are well worth the effort. The speed that we now download is breath 
taking at times, gone have the days when a single 64kb file taking several 
passes, we now can download several of this in a single pass.

Speak to you later Mark


In a message dated 23/06/00 01:31:07 Greenwich Standard Time, 
hammond@surrealnet.net writes:

> I'm dreaming about 38k4 operations.  Some questions come to mind:
>  1) anybody on the list mod their Kenwood TS-790  with the Symek F-IFD unit?
>  2) do the transformers necessary for the mod come with the F-IFD?
>  3) does integration of the F-IFD still permit digital operations at 1200 
>  and 9600?
>  4) what effect (if any) does the F-IFD have on SSB operations?
>  Thanks for any input,
>  Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

Chris J. Dixon
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