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RE: 38k4 questions

At 10:34 AM 6/23/2000 -0500, Diggs, Steve wrote:


>For me the kicker has been to get it to work at 38k4. I have a FT736r, and
>can't get the IFD to produce a stable audio out. The install seems to have
>an internal ground loop that causes the audio out to have a stutter-like
>noise that is clearly evident in the noise pattern. Symek says the darn
>thing works perfect in a 736, but I have *yet* to hear someone other than
>Symek to get it to work on a FT736r. That leads me to believe that the
>instructions are missing some key element.
>If anyone has successfully completed an IFD install in a FT736r, I'd love to
>hear from you!

    I've hooked a Symek IFD board up in an FT-736R with no problems.  I got 
good (90+%) efficiency on UO-36.  I just followed the directions...   I 
know for sure of at least one other individual who has his working fine 
also.  There are now quite a few guys out there in the queue on 
UO-36.  Given the popularity of the FT-736R, I'm sure several of them must 
also have the boards in use.  If you're still having problems, drop Ulf an 
e-mail at Symek.  I'm sure he can help your sort it out.  I suppose it's 
possible that your IFD board may have a problem.

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