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RE: Oscar 0

> What we are looking at is a near term lunar orbiter instead 
> of the Rover that will come later.  The path loss one way 
> from the moon is 178 db.  I am looking at a system design 
> that will effectively make the bird the same path loss as in 
> LEO.  You might not be able to hit the bird with an HT but 
> you won't need an EME setup either.

n orbiter would eliminate the lunar night problem (worst case would be
similar to a LEO in midnight-noon orbit), and should be relatively easy to
point high gain antennas back towards Earth.

BTW, the 178dB.  At what frequency?  (path loss increases by 6dB per

And how would you manage to make the path loss effectively the same as an
LEO (max range 4000km), when the free space losses are a minimum 40 dB
greater (increasing to 54dB over a UO-14 or SO-35 overhead pass)?  Some of
it can be made up by using gain antennas on the bird, but the rest?

This whole idea sounds very interesting though.  
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