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lunar transponder characteristics (was Re: Oscar 0)

At 09:43 AM 6/22/2000 -0700, Dennis Ray Wingo wrote:
>I am telling you that we are going to do this mission.  I know what it 
>takes to do this mission.  I know the engineering involved. I am OFFERING 
>to AMSAT an opportunity to participate in something that may help to 
>revitalize the art.

Can you share with us some of the characteristics of your proposed project?

Antenna sizes and/or gains?
xmit PA RF power level?
What mode(s) do you have in mind?  SSB Voice?  Data?
Transponder bandwidth?
Weight of the proposed gizmo?

Does your proposed payload only work when in sunlight (14 days out of 28), 
or are you carrying multiple-days of battery power?

How do you get the heat out of the electronics when in sunlight?  (And the 
related question: What temperature do you expect the electronics package to 
be while operating in sunlight?)

How do you survive the thermal cycle?

I know a lot of people have an up-front opinion about feasibility, but I 
find it difficult to have any opinion about value or feasibility without 
some facts about the proposed project.

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