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Re: Oscar 0

On Thu, 22 Jun 2000 05:19:43  
 Andrew Reynolds wrote:
> Before putting in a lot of midnight oil on this one, it might be
>a good idea to remember that the group that is saying they'll be
>building a rover to go to the Moon has been saying the same thing
>for close to a decade now, and still hasn't gotten enough money
>together to even start bending metal yet.


I kinda remember the same sort of thing said about me and my satellite project in 1989.  We first came to AMSAT to put a transponder on Lunar Prospector. AMSAT declined to help and the bird flew without one.  Later when I started SEDSAT the skepticism was high as well.  Two seperate AMSAT groups that promised to help us screwed up and we had to pay for the transponders from a company.  We went ahead anyway and paid tens of thousands of dollars to a commercial company for transponders because I believe in the community.

I am telling you that we are going to do this mission.  I know what it takes to do this mission.  I know the engineering involved. I am OFFERING to AMSAT an opportunity to participate in something that may help to revitalize the art. Amateur radio is dying in the internet age and frankly if we don't do something soon we are going to lose the frequencies that are vital to the survival of the art.

If the community blows it this time I will not offer to help next time. 

Dennis Wingo

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