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Re: Oscar 0

>That is forgetting one thing.  ALthough the moon is only 6% effective as a
>reflector, its Antenna is several thousand square miles.  Your antennas on
>the moon will only be a few feet, and so they will receive millionths of
>the transmitted power from earth.  If I were to guess, I would say that it
>will take a 13 dB (long 2m yagi) and 1000 watts to be heard on a moon
>receiver if it only has an omni antenna (rover).  But the rover then has
>to also have 1000 watts to get back, OR a larger antenna.
>Good luck

What we are looking at is a near term lunar orbiter instead of the Rover that will come later.  The path loss one way from the moon is 178 db.  I am looking at a system design that will effectively make the bird the same path loss as in LEO.  You might not be able to hit the bird with an HT but you won't need an EME setup either.


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