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Re: Sad People and OS/2

"Willmott, Paul" wrote:
> Geeeeee,
> Hey geek, the world is not flat!
> As a manager of an IS department I sold by soul to Gates after Comdex 97,
> ... I knew what I was doing too! In fact I wrote a memo entitled the new
> "Gates Tax". BUT BUT BUT since then I've had applications and O/S's that
> really work, ... I can say that because I don't complicate my life by being
> different wit Novell, Linux and god forbid that still born child OS/2.

Oh hell, not another one of those IS weenies...  Those people that
engineers will never run anything but Office on their machines and love
since they can finally lock us out of our machines. How quickly people
that OS/2 started off as a joint venture between Microsoft and IBM and
OS/2 *WAS* going to be the next operating system for Microsoft.  Only
was the pansies at Microsoft got tired of writing the mulitasking
system at the heart of OS/2 and decided to concentrate on the GUI
running on
top of DOS. That same GUI running on top of DOS (embedded) is still
being sold
today in the year 2000, fifteen years later...  This from the company
"innovative" technology... ha!  The same company that created such a
filesystem (NT) that it can't be restored from a backup without breaking
the filename associations in the registry.

OS/2 went through the same growing pains as Windows did but the 3.0 and
releases were good products.  They were good multitaskers, had
virtual x86 DOS emulation mode (better than anything today), had good
support, and could run Win16 binaries without a hitch. The 4.0 release
lots of new technologies like advanced multimedia and voice recognition
they were commonly available for Windows.

> But I'm sure you are happy in the wasteland. But in the real world of
> supporting a business community Microsoft is the way to go, who cares about
> their business practices! As one who works in the oil business, just tread
> on the whiners! Give that most corporate programming jobs take 2 to 3 years
> to get to almost end product, we need a scaleable upgrade path for our
> development tools, ... at present no-one else apart from MS gives us that
> certainty. I've been programming for a living since 1984 (I'm 35) I've seen
> it all, the ups the downs the fads and now I want continuity that is it. The
> US justice dept is not going to win this suit, if it does then we really are
> in shit as the stock options that are the golden handcuffs of the MS
> employees will be broken, then we'll be back to the bad old days again.

A lot of people are rethinking that position in our company. Having to
shut down 
all the M$soft servers multiple times this year because of the complete
of security of a couple of hundred thousand Windows-based networked
machines we 
have is slowing getting some attention.

> Hey let's really go back to when programming was fun and do CP/M 8080
> assembler!

I was thinking more along the lines of bitslice with a 128 bit word
At least I can guarantee the reliability and security of that...

Mike N4CNW
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