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All our eggs in one basket...

Well guys,

I know this is going to sound narrow minded, but hey why not!

This latest problem with nobody knowing how to make a good linear transponder is a 
perfect example actually...

Let's think about what happens if a person does something, then decides to keep it 
to himself, or a company keeps it to themselves... Well obviously you'll never get 
anybody to have a look and say "well this could be improved, and so could that" 
and thus the design gets bigger and better, all at the cost of open-hardware 
schematics and design.

Closed hardware schematics and designs will, in the future, limit the potential of the 
design greatly, everybody is different, and there may be another person that knows a 
better way to improve a design, but without the Openess of the design/schematic 
how can this be possible?

I know all you P3D engineers will want to shoot me if I said this about the satellite, 
but it's mostly true, if SOME of it were open-hardware type thing the design WOULD 
get better and you would probably have some systems improved for future missions. 

This is probably not a good example, but at the moment there are a heap of Open-
Hardware type computers like the LART, hell, even COMPAQ has decided to build 
and open-hardware a StrongARM based computer...

Lart: http://www.lart.tudelft.nl

Open-Source Hardware at its best! (There are also links to other designs)

This design is continually improved because people have the option to download 
and look at the design, suggest improvements and most of the time they are 
incorporated into the next REV.

If you're scared about your designs being taken, distribute with a licensing 



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