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Re: Not sure why... most of the time they aren't sure why either...

Your dead right Dan...

Apple has done an otstanding job of keeping themselves out of the market.
To add insult to injury the kind of apps. and interfaceses you mentioned,
GPIB for one, were written for the MAC early on.  National Instruments has
been makeing GPIB cards and software for the MAC for years!  The SCSI
interface was on the MAC early on.  Did Apple promote and licences its
technology lead?  NOOO!  They got greedy and lost sight of the end game.
Bill Gates and Microsoft have always kept their eyes on the end game.
Apple with better hardware and a good idea for an OS tried to stuff up the
middle and  Microsoft with ho-hum hardware and a -do what it takes- ethos
did a software end run around them.

Yep... Apple has been very good at shooting themselves in the foot, despite
all the MBAs and management types that got hold of the company.  A little
less quarterly report and a little more where the industry was going would
have helped.

I just hope we all can keep writing software and building hardware for
whatever systems are out there and not feel we are forced to go one way or
the other...

Except, of coarse, to keep the Sats going, the inovations coming and the
imaginations free to wonder...

May your orbits be high and your line losses low!

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