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field day tracking programs


Another (coloring outside the lines) satellite tracking solution for field 
day is the program which runs on the Palm Pilot and Handspring Visor.  Jim 
Berry's "PocketSat" will track 5 satellites in the trial version.  To 
upgrade to an unlimited number of satellites is only $12.50. It will not 
calculate AO-10 coordinates, but easily handles all the LEOs.  (I will be 
carrying a printed list of AO-10 Az-El elements to the field day site.  
AO-10 will be in prime position for my first AO-10 contact!)

(Required chorus:  I don't know Jim Berry, I don't own stock, I don't 
profit,, etc.  I just think his product is quite cool!)

PocketSat's most useful analog display "Plot" shows where in an overhead 
pass a satellite is along with a digital display of azimuth and elevation.  
(This makes most sense when the program's option to reverse east and west is 
invoked - as the program is written to be used while lying on your back 
looking into the sky for a satellite with the Palm in your hand.  If N is at 
the top, then E is on the LEFT.  But when the user calls up Preferences he 
can "invert plot" and E will be on the RIGHT like it is on a map.)

If you have a Palm or Handspring already, the demo program can be downloaded 
for free from www.emmgraphics.com/pilot. Make sure you also download the 
math library that is needed, and Jim has been kind enough to supply up to 
date Keps on his site in palm pilot data format.

With the Palm in hand, you can play satellites with no other computer at 
all... Real field day stuff!

73s de WS8G

>Darrell Graham <grahamda@teleport.com> wrote:
>>Also suggestions for a satellite
>>tracking program to use. Suggestions of any kind will also
>>be appreciated.

>Laura Halliday VE7LDH wrote:
>Depending on my mood I use Predict and Winorbit.

>Both are available through all the usual channels.

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