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Re: Re: An open letter to the Amsat Software authors

Man, it is getting so tiresome to listen to jealous blowhards spouting
off about Bill Gates.  The facts are, he's rich because he's smarter
and works harder than most people.  My experience is that his loudest
detractors are those who are very angry that they can't sit on thier
backsides and get the product of his work for free.   For those whiners
who have forgotten a very basic fact, nobody has to get 'soaked'- just
get your software somewhere else.  Or write your own operating system-
or use Lunix- or help develop GNU- or buy a Mac- or use a stolen copy
of Windows.   It's a sad fact that some of the most vocal of the 'Gates
ripoff conspirity' bunch are common thieves.  They complain bitterly
of the price of what someone else paid for a product, while running a
stolen copy themselves!   Many of you are not old enough to remember
back in the 70's when Microsoft was a small struggling company with
only one product- a version of BASIC which ran on the MITS Altair
computer.   The product was fast and efficient, and blew the socks off
of every other BASIC around for years.   Everybody who knew about it
wanted a copy,  but many just stole it.  One guy would buy a copy, bring
it to the next club meeting, and give out copies to anyone who wanted
one.  This practice almost ruined Microsoft.  Bill Gates published
full page ads in the computer magazines reminding thieves that theft was
illegal, and that it would only lead to software development people
deciding to take up a different line of work where thier work product
wouldn't get stolen.  How would you guys like it if someone helped
themselves to half your pay package every Friday?  Bill Gates worked
hard and applied his brainpower towards building the best software
he could- and succeeded spectacularly.   Others might do well to emulate
him rather than wasting thier lives becoming bitter old men, whining
about being ripped off.    Flame away, whiners!   John  W5EME

Jeff Davis wrote:
> Alan,
> I think it paradoxical that you want to see "open source" with regards
> to the Station software program, but you advocate using Win98 and
> "Visual Studio 6 or later", both commercial, proprietary closed-source
> applications written and sold by a monopolistic enterprise who have soaked
> their customers for billions.
> How about getting really crazy and doing a Linux port using a FREE
> operating system, and a FREE GNU editor/compiler all written and
> developed by people who could have sold the software for billions but
> instead chose to give it freely to us all?
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