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Re: Oscar 0

On Tue, 20 Jun 2000 12:59:13  
 Mal wrote:
>I have been travelling and hence the delay in posting this correctly.  Did
>anyone else see the recent article in the Wall Street about Radio Shack
>sending a rocket to the moon as a promotion?
>What crosses my mind is "do you think they might include a transponder?"
>Anyone on board with a Radio Shack connection to find out about this?
>Malcolm Preston, NP2L
>AMSAT Area Coordinator
>St. John, USVI


That topic is currently under discussion even as we speak.  Speaking to the amateur community, what would be the type of transponder wanted? Digipeater? Store and Forward? Analog bent pipe?  It is possible that this can be a high power bird (over 100 watts RF out) and high gain on recieve.

I am interested in finding out what the community wants and if there is any of the design guys out there who are interested in building the transponder.

Dennis Wingo

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